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Jenny Stuber | Associate Professor

Creating an Environment of Care

On a weekly basis, I reach out to students individually to see where they are “at.” The goal is to create an environment of care and accountability, understanding that these are keys to both learning and engagement. My outreach typically targets a different group of students each week. For example, I may first identify the top performers in class and congratulate them on having a great start to the course. Next, I move onto students who are struggling. With both individualized attention and use of the Early Academic Alert system, I hope to open communications for them and motivate them to develop more effective study strategies. In other words, I reach out to students who on the border of a B grade and motivate them to improve from a C+ to a B-. Throughout, my communications open the door to conversations about academics, mental health, and even financial issues. I embrace an ethic of holistic advising–knowing that academic success is contingent on well-being across a variety of domains.

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